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Submit for District Certification

How do I submit for Certification?

For District Rostering and SSO

You need to have access to our district-level scopes. If you need access, please contact our Application Partnerships team.


Step 0: First, finish building your integration! Once built, you can test your district SSO and rostering integration by following the instructions here: Testing Logins and Testing Your Sync

Submit for Certification

Once you've fully tested your integration, submit for certification by filling out this survey and we'll respond within 3-5 business days, depending on our current bandwidth.

If your integration is not approved, you will be provided technical feedback and next steps to correct any issues. Once you fix the issues, you can re-submit via the same method.

After you're certified, we'll create your production app in Clever where you can enter your production redirect URI. You'll need to update your integration with your prod app's client id, secret, and production redirect_uri, which must use https.

From there, you will be able to start connecting with live districts.

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Submit for District Certification

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