1. Will users have new IDs in Clever v3.0? 

  • Yes. With v3.0, we introduced the user ID field, which now represents a user’s specific identifier, regardless of their role.

2. What data differences are there between 1.1 and 3.0 (e.g. is there another gender type?)

3. Will the existing 2.1 API still work if we were to continue to use it and decide to upgrade to 3.0 once we are prepared to do so? If not, what could we expect to be the result if a school were to try and use our application with Clever API 2.1 and our application?

  • You’ll still be able to use API 2.1 which is an alternative to making the switch to moving to API 3.0. We have some documentation surrounding it here: https://dev.clever.com/v2.1/docs/new-in-api-v21. If you’re using contact data, we strongly suggest moving to API 3.0.   

4. What are the criteria for creating a user with multiple roles? Does the district SIS have to support multiple roles, or are multiple users in the SIS merged into one Clever user?

  • In order for a user to have multiple roles in Clever, they must first have either a teacher or staff (school admin) account. Those with District Admin accounts can also have a staff or teacher account in Clever.

5. Does the district SIS have to support multiple roles or are multiple users in the SIS merged into one Clever user?

  • The district simply provides data according to the user role. For example, in a district that uses SFTP to sync with Clever, all teachers in the district must be listed in the teachers.csv file. Any user-populated in this file will be assigned a teacher account in Clever. If this same user is listed in the staff.csv file with the same email address, they will also have a staff account created for them and it will be associated with the same user ID.

6. What is the upper limit to the number of roles per user, if any?

  • Teacher, staff, district admin. Cannot be more than one of any type. It’s important to note that students are limited to that user type. 


7. What if I don’t have time to Migrate to API 3.0?