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Getting started

School integration doesn't have to be painful. Use Clever to get real-time student data and log them in without worrying about passwords.

With Clever Instant Login and Secure Sync, your application will have everything it needs to sign students, teachers, and administrators in and integrate with district data through a consistent, easy to use REST API interface.

Quickly learn how all the parts of Clever work together while setting up your district sandbox and working with the basic features of our Student and Teacher APIs.

Build on the foundation of your completed Instant Login integration to support rostering and sync district data through Clever.

You'll be ready to onboard districts in no time!

  • It's free and easy to implement!
  • Stop syncing passwords and leave the auth integrations to Clever
  • Support for Students, Teachers, & Administrators
  • Use OAuth 2.0 and a subset of Clever's REST API to provision user accounts on demand
  • Securely sync SIS data using Clever's simple REST API
  • Access to rostering and enrollment data
  • Provision student, teacher, & administrator accounts on demand
  • Track data changes over time using Events

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Last updated on 15th Mar 2017