SAML Overview

Clever offers the ability to connect with your application as a SAML identity provider. This connection type requires more configuration steps for districts but can be quick to set up within Clever!

As SAML does not offer authorization and scoping, we consider it to be less secure. In general, we recommend that you build out an OAuth or OIDC integration (see 1. OAuth and OIDC Overview). However, if you need a quick way to get a connection established and help teachers and students start logging in as soon as possible, then a SAML connector can be a useful tool.


SAML Support

While Clever does support SAML connections, it does not work out-of-the-box like other parts of the Clever product, so there are some configuration steps that will require working with our Partner Engineering team. Please fill out this form if you are interested in creating a SAML connector.

Once your SAML connector is set up with Clever, you can choose to make it publicly available in the Clever application search. For the most part, you will manage this SAML Connector through a Clever dashboard just as you would manage any other integration type with Clever. The one difference will be the need to manage customer-specific configuration values.


Working with Districts

It's worth mentioning again that relying on a SAML connection can require more work from district administrators during setup than an OAuth integration would. Please be sure to consider this before proceeding.

What’s Next

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