Courses are an optional data type - courses are only created if a district chooses to sync course information to Clever.

idGuaranteedGlobally unique and stable id for course created by Clever. Used in API calls (ex /v3.0/courses/4fe3ff51dfa547000000041f)
districtGuaranteedGlobally unique and stable id for course's district.
links.districtGuaranteedGets the district for a course.
links.sectionsGuaranteedGets all sections for a course.
links.selfGuaranteedStable link to course.
nameNot GuaranteedName provided by district.
numberNot GuaranteedCourse number provided by district.


Fields are not returned in a specific order so please ensure that your app does not rely on the order.

Courses Object Example

"data": {
    "id": "string", // ObjectID: Globally unique and stable ID for the course
    "district": "string", // ObjectID: Globally unique and stable ID for the course's district
    "name": "string", // String: name provided by district
    "number": "string" // String: course number provided by district

Related objects

To retrieve a list of the section objects associated with a course, use /courses/{id}/sections.