While schools are not the highest-level object in Clever's data model, every user, term, course, and section must be associated with at least one school. User records can be associated with multiple schools!


Field Ordering

Fields are not returned in a specific order so please ensure that your app does not rely on the order.


Please note:

School fields are only available with Secure Sync access. Please see to learn more.

idGuaranteedGlobally unique and stable id for school created by Clever. Used in API calls (ex. /v3.0/schools/4fe3ff50dfa5470000000001).
districtGuaranteedGlobally unique and stable id for school's district.
nameGuaranteedSchool name.
createdGuaranteedResource creation date. UTC time in W3C Date Time Format: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.SSSZ.
last_modifiedGuaranteedInitializes to created date
sis_idGuaranteedInternal school identifier from source system. Recommended for use only when matching historical data to new Clever import.
school_numberGuaranteedDistrict or county school identifier.
links.selfGuaranteedStable link to school.
links.districtGuaranteedGets the district for a school.
links.sectionsGuaranteedGets all sections for a school.
links.usersGuaranteedGets all users for a school.
links.termsGuaranteedGets all terms for a school.
links.coursesGuaranteedGets all courses for a school.
state_idNot GuaranteedState school identifier.
nces_idNot GuaranteedFederal NCES id for school.
mdr_numberNot GuaranteedMDR number (used for matching school records)
low_gradeNot GuaranteedPossible values [ "1", … ,"13", "PreKindergarten", "TransitionalKindergarten", "Kindergarten", "InfantToddler", "Preschool", "PostGraduate", "Ungraded", "Other", ""]
high_gradeNot GuaranteedPossible values [ "1", … ,"13", "PreKindergarten", "TransitionalKindergarten", "Kindergarten", "InfantToddler", "Preschool", "PostGraduate", "Ungraded", "Other", ""]
principal.nameNot GuaranteedSchool principal's name.
principal.emailNot GuaranteedSchool principal's email address.
location.addressNot GuaranteedSchool address.
location.cityNot GuaranteedSchool address city.
location.stateNot GuaranteedSchool address state.
location.zipNot GuaranteedSchool address ZIP.
phoneNot GuaranteedSchool phone number.
extNot GuaranteedExtension fields where field name and value is defined by the district.

School Objects

  "created":"string",// Timestamp: Resource creation date
  "district":"string",// ObjectID: Globally unique and stable ID for school's district
  "ext": {
  	"": "" // String: Extension field names and values are defined by the district
  "high_grade":"string",// String: School's exit grade level
  "id":"string",// ObjectID: Globally unique and stable ID for school created by Clever
  "last_modified":"string",// Timestamp: Last time resource was updated.
  "location": {
  	"zip": "string", // String: School's zip code
    "address": "string", // String: School's street address
    "city": "string", // String: School's city
    "state": "string" // String: School's state
  "low_grade":"string",// String: School's beginning grade level
  "mdr_number":"string",// String: School MDR number
  "name":"string",//String: Name provided by district
  "nces_id":"string",// String: School NCES ID
  "phone":"string",// String School's phone number
  "principal": { 
  	"email": "string", // String: School's principal's email address
  	"name": "string" // String: School's principal's name
  "school_number":"string",// String: School identifier used by district or county
  "sis_id":"string",// String: Internal school identifier from SIS
  "state_id":"string"// String: State school identifier

Related objects

To access the sections, courses, terms, or users associated with a school, use these endpoints: