Going Live with a District Integration

Preparing to Go Live

To “Go Live” means that you gain the ability to invite districts to connect, as well as accept district requests, as they can also now discover your application. To prepare for this step, please complete the steps below:

  1. Update your integration to use your prod app credentials (found in Settings).
  2. Verify that your redirect URIs are correct and secured with HTTPS.
  3. Ensure supported user types are correct.
  4. Test logins for each supported user type with your production configuration.

If you are using only District Rostering

  1. Test your integration by syncing test data using your production credentials.

Going Live

After you’ve completed the steps above and everything looks good, you can initiate the go-live process using the wizard in your production app dashboard: Dev Tools > Go Live.

Once you are live:


Although you are connected and syncing district data, your application will not appear in student and teacher portals until you launch the connection. When a connection is launched, only the shared users who belong to your supported user types will receive access via the Clever Portal. This allows you to control when your application is visible to users for single sign-on. Note that launching does not have any effect on Secure Sync (rostering). You will still be able to pull data from Clever’s API when you are connected, regardless of launch state.

Please use this guide to help you understand best practices around bringing on districts through Clever. You should also feel free to create custom collateral, specific to your application.