SSO on iOS/iPadOS

Clever's iOS application is used strictly for authentication using a Clever Badge and does not house the iOS Clever Portal. If a user is not using a Clever Badge to authenticate, they will be redirected to the Safari browser to authenticate into their Portal using their identity provider (e.g. Google, Azure, Clever).

From the Clever Portal, users will then select an application. If an application's redirect URL is registered as a universal link, the user will then be navigated to the native iOS application. If not, the user will be redirected to a webpage in-browser.

To learn more about the end-user experience for Clever on iOS/iPadOS, see this article:For Clever Admins: iOS devices & the Clever app


Unsupported iOS Versions

The Clever iOS application requires the following:

iOS 12.0 or later

iPadOS 12.0 or later

This application is not required for SSO with an iOS device. It is mostly used to facilitate the use of Clever Badges.

SSO Patterns on iOS/iPadOS

I have a native iOS app

The best way to build out SSO is to use Universal Links! Check out Instant Login into Native iOS Apps for instructions on getting integrated.

I don't have a native iOS app, but my application supports mobile browsers on iOS

Great! There's not much additional work needed to make this work.

Ideally, your primary redirect URL should either be optimized for mobile or detect that a user is on an iOS device and redirect them to the mobile-optimized experience.

My application does not support users on iOS

No worries! If you don't support users on iOS, email [email protected]. We will disable logins from our iOS application.

Additionally, please make sure your primary redirect URL detects whether the user is logging in on an iOS device and displays a page telling them iOS is not supported - this will help appropriately route users who attempt to log in from the mobile web.