LMS Connect


LMS Connect simplifies and accelerates the process of building LMS integrations by providing a single interface that connects to any popular LMS. It leverages your application’s existing integration with Clever APIs.

How It Works

  1. District Setup:
    • School districts connect their LMS to Clever through a simple self-service flow.
  2. Data Synchronization:
    • Once the LMS connection is established, Clever reads student, teacher, and course data from the LMS.
    • Clever algorithms match this data to the existing data in Clever.
  3. Support:
    • Districts collaborate with the Clever support team to resolve any connection or matching issues.

Application Integration

Your application can either send an LMS Connect invitation to any school district or accept an LMS Connect request from a district customer. Once the connection is established:

  1. LTI 1.3 Launch:
    • District users can use LTI 1.3 to launch into your application from the LMS.
  2. Gradebook Access:
    • Your application can read and write assignments and gradebook entries in the LMS gradebook.
  3. Data Consistency:
    • LMS Connect handles the translation from Clever IDs to LMS IDs, preventing duplicate users or misaligned courses.

By using LMS Connect, you streamline the integration process and ensure seamless data management between your application and the LMS.