Getting Started

Getting Started

With Clever’s grade passback API, assignment creation and student submissions happen within your product. This gives you control over when to sync this data with the LMS.

Design Considerations

Before designing a grade passback API integration, consider the following questions:

  • When should my product push assignments to the LMS gradebook?

    • This could happen automatically whenever an assignment is created, or only in response to a teacher action (e.g., pushing a “Sync to LMS” button).
  • When should my product push student results to the LMS?

    • This could happen whenever a student completes any work (e.g., an auto-graded quiz), or after teacher action/approval (e.g., a teacher-graded essay).
  • Will my product import changes to assignments or submissions from the LMS?

    • The simplest integration model will only push results to the LMS. However, you can also read from the LMS gradebook if you want to pull any manual edits a teacher makes to assignments or submissions in the LMS gradebook back into your product.