Clever Secure Sync lets you sync data from every SIS with one integration - instead of building a separate connector for OneRoster files, PowerSchool, Aeries, Skyward, Infinite Campus, eSchoolPlus (and so on), you can quickly provision accounts and use that time to improve your core product.

## Secure Sync

Secure Sync allows you to access information about users and provision accounts in advance; Classroom-only applications have access to user information only when the user logs in through IL.

Secure Sync also gives access to roster information - student-teacher associations and classroom data.

Not sure if Secure Sync is right for you? Reach out to [[email protected]](🔗) and we'll get you in touch with our Application Partnerships team.

## Getting started with Secure Sync

First, check out [Clever's Data Model](🔗) to understand how data is organized in Clever. There are three major components to a solid Secure Sync integration:

  1. Onboarding districts - identifying the district-app token and preparing to ingest data

  2. Initial sync - matching existing data and provisioning accounts for the first time

  3. Ongoing sync - handling changes to data on an ongoing basis, including semester and school-year rollover

We'll go over best practices for each of these pieces in the next three pages.