Data in Clever can experience a number of edge cases listed below. Although these are not typical cases, it's a good idea to be prepared for these to occur. If your integration cannot handle any of these cases, please reach out to [[email protected]](🔗) to reflect this in our documentation so that our support team can better support our shared customers.

## General

  • Clever's strings have no maximum length (if you must specify a field length, we recommend 255 chars as a safe limit)

  • Clever's strings support all UTF-8 characters

## Sections

  • Sections are the only way student and teacher associations are described in Clever. If a student or teacher is not enrolled in any sections, they will not be associated with any students/teachers.

  • Sections must have at least one student

  • Sections can have only one primary teacher.

  • There is no limit of how many students may be enrolled in a section

  • Section names are not guaranteed to be unique

  • Section grade might not match all students grades

  • Course and term information not available

## Students

  • Students can be enrolled in multiple sections

  • Students might have identical names

  • Classroom integrations will only receive the first name and last initial of students

## Teachers

  • Teachers can teach multiple sections

  • Teachers might not teach any sections

  • There isn't a normalization of email format (emails may be missing the '@' sign)

## School Administrators

  • Have no access to Classroom integrations

## District Administrators

  • Have no access to Classroom integrations

## Student Contacts

  • Have no access to Classroom integrations