Testing Your Sync

You can test your sync against two data sets - Clever USD and Certification ISD. You may want to set up a custom sandbox districts for testing!

Testing with Clever USD

Clever USD has:

  • 239 schools
  • 8,412 or more teachers
  • 56,635 or more students
  • 25,843 or more sections
  • 460,000 or more enrollments
  • 6 school admins

There are two days' worth of data in the sample data set that you can use for testing.

Since this is anonymized real district data, several edge cases are accounted for, though we cannot point to specific edge cases by record ID.

Testing with Certification ISD

Certification ISD - a 5-school data set that we built to contain as many edge cases as possible. This allows you to test the worst of the worst district data.

To see a full list of edge cases and the users that fulfill each one, check out Certification ISD Edge Cases

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