Secure Sync Certification


  • Must sync at least once per day
  • Must have a strategy for matching existing users to Clever data
  • Must be able to initiate a sync on demand
  • Must archive records when data in Clever is unshared/deleted, and restore records if the Clever ID reappears
  • Must use Clever ID as a key identifier for all data types
  • Student-teacher associations must be preserved (Secure Sync only)
  • If application tracks historical data, history must be tied to student record

Important questions to answer

  • What is your process for onboarding districts?
  • What data do you require, and what happens if data is missing? If data is not available through Clever at all, how are you acquiring the information?
  • Are you provisioning accounts for school and district admins? If so, what permissions does each user type receive?
  • How will you manage semester rollover? School-year rollover?
  • How will you handle students and teachers who are not associated with sections?
  • Do you require student contact data?
  • Do you need to approve connection requests or do you want all requests to be automatically approved?
  • Do you auto-assign content based on section information (grade/subject) (Secure Sync only)

Submit your application for certification

When you're ready for the Clever team to review your application for certification, reach out to your account manager to schedule next steps.

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