Testing Logins

Before you start testing...

Testing Individual Users

Using sandbox user credentials

  1. Initiate a login. You can do this one of three ways:
  • Go to the district overview in your Clever dashboard. Copy the Portal URL, and after logging in, click your application's icon.
  • Go to the district overview in your Clever dashboard. Copy the Instant Login link and log in there.
  • Use a Log in with Clever button.
  1. All sandboxes should be set up so the default credentials are:
  • Student: student_number / student_number
  • Teacher: teacher_number / teacher_number
  • School admin: staff_id / staff_id
  • District admins may only be tested in custom sandbox districts.

You can download the CSVs used to populate your default sandbox district here.

Secure Sync only: IL debugging tools

In the Data Browser, open up the Detail View for a user where there is a link to log in as the user. This link sends a user-authenticated request to your app, so you can see what the user sees when they access your app through Clever.

This works for all user types that your application supports: students, teachers, school and district admins.

Instant Login testing tools

To test all supported users in a sandbox district, you can use the Instant Login Testing tool in your Clever dashboard.

Select a sandbox district and click to start a test!

Once the test is initiated, Clever will attempt to log in as every supported user in the sandbox district. If logins fail, you'll be able to test a login as the same user for troubleshooting purposes.

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