Certification and Going Live

We want applications on Clever to be:

  • Easy for students and teachers to use
  • Easy for teachers or administrators to set up
  • Easy for district admins to deploy
  • Easy for your team to maintain and support

Before your application can sign up real districts, you'll need to be certified for at least one of:

  • Instant Login
  • Secure Sync Lite
  • Secure Sync

Additional certification is required in order to use:

  • Instant Login into your native iOS application
  • Events

What is Certification?

Certification means that Clever acknowledges that your integration will leverage Clever's APIs to provide a great experience for your users.

Submitting your app for review

You'll need to submit your app for each Certification you'd like to acquire. You can read the Certification requirements and submit your application for review on the Certification page for each product (see What's Next, below!)

You can continue to request additional Certifications after you've already gone live in order to provide additional features to your customers.

The review process

A member of our partner engineering team will review your application and follow up with next steps! After you've been Certified, they will also send you materials you can distribute to your customers.

Post- and Re-Certification


Once you're ready to go live, make sure you've:

  • Added everyone who needs access to the Clever dashboard is added as a team member
  • Checked out our Help Center and Community - these are ideal resources for your support and implementation teams!


We certify applications for each Back-to-School. Every year, we will follow up to see if your integration has changed and if it meets the requirements for certification for the upcoming Back to School season.

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