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Upgrading to API v1.2

Upgrading from v1.1

You can make calls against new versions of the API by updating your URLs (e.g.

Instant Login updates

  • The endpoint (primarily used in Instant Login) is for v1.1 only. To receive responses with features from v1.2, you need to update to use

New Data API responses

  • Students and teachers now have the schools field, which returns all schools the record is associated with through sections.
  • Students now have the home_language field, which returns a student's home language, if the data is shared with your application.
  • /districts/{id}/status returns new values in the state field
  • /districts/{id}/status returns new fields:
    • pause_start and pause_end
    • launch_date

Events Syncs

If you are moving an events-based sync to v1.2, you must do a full resync from the Data API to ensure all records in your database are using the correct features prior to using /v1.2/events.

Upgrading to API v1.2