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What's New in API v2.1

Here is a full changelog of what has changed in API v2.1.

Identity API


  • /me also returns authorized_by field to indicate how a user is shared.
    • district: user is shared via a district-app connection
    • teacher: user is shared by a teacher via the Clever Library

Data API


  • The count parameter can now be used on the following endpoints:
    • GET /districts
    • GET /teachers
    • GET /students
    • GET /sections
    • GET /schools
    • GET /contacts
    • GET /district_admins
    • GET /school_admins
    • GET /terms
    • GET /courses
  • GET /students, /teachers, /sections, and /schools now also return extension fields
  • GET /districts or /districts/id now also returns, if available:
    • portal_url
    • login_methods
    • district_contact
    • goals_enabled

Note: the count param will not work alongside other query params and will only return the count of all objects for a single given district


  • GET /students now also supports a non-binary gender value (X)
  • GET /students, GET /sections and GET /schools now support additional grade, high_grade, and low_grade values:
    • TransitionalKindergarten
    • InfantToddler
    • Preschool
    • 13
    • Ungraded

What's New in API v2.1

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