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Instant Login Certification


  • Must use the authorization grant flow (unless provisions for implicit grant have been made)
  • Must support Instant Login for all user types supported by your application
  • Must match users on Clever ID when they log in
  • Must allow users to log in on the primary redirect URL, even if application is multi-tenant
  • Must show a friendly error screen when logins fail
  • Must provision on demand and/or match users on first login (if not using Secure Sync to match ahead of time)

Important questions to answer

  • Does your integration work in:
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Internet Explorer
    • Safari
    • Mobile Safari
    • Mobile Chrome
  • When Instant Login is turned on, is it the only path into the application for users?
  • If you have offline access, how do you provision credentials?
  • How do you handle teacher users who are also admin users?
  • What is the setup process when a district decides to use Instant Login?
  • Do you require that districts use Instant Login when using Clever for rostering?
  • Is there an amount of inactivity after which you log someone out?
  • What screen are users directed to when they're logged out? Does the window close?
  • Do you need to approve connection requests or do you want all requests to be automatically approved?

What's Next

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Instant Login Certification

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