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Library Certification Requirements


  • Must use the authorization grant flow
  • Must provision on demand on for all users
  • Must utilize all relevant data from Clever API if relevant
  • Must match users on Clever ID when they log in
  • Must allow teachers to merge Clever account with existing account upon first login
  • Must provide a free trial or demo
  • Must support students with multiple teachers
  • Must support teachers with zero sections
  • Must support a student experience if there is one in application
  • Must allow users to log in on the primary redirect URI, even if application is multi-tenant. Redirect URI must be secured with https
  • Must show a friendly error screen when logins fail
  • Must update all data upon each subsequent login
  • Must upload the following assets by completing the Marketing Collateral wizard in the Library tab of your application dashboard
  • Must review and sign this standardized DSA that governs your relationship with the teachers who install your software. Please send this signed copy to [email protected]


  • Add a “Sign Up with Clever” button to sign-up page
  • Add a "Log in with Clever" button to log-in page
  • Indicate that class rosters are automatically imported from Clever (if your application supports the concepts of classes/sections)
  • Minimize onboarding steps and questions upon signup
  • Leverage data available from Clever (, email, role, grade level, subject)
  • Allow teachers to re-sync their data from Clever on demand
  • Allow teachers to select and customize which classes are surfaced and synced via Clever
  • Associate students with teachers via the Clever API data, i.e. do not require entry of class codes to be associated with a classroom
  • Support sections with multiple co-teachers
  • Support teachers with 10+ sections
  • Support sections with 100+ students
  • Support students, teachers, and sections with names that contain utf-8 characters, such as ñ or é
  • Override any existing session in your application in order to support students on shared devices

Important questions to answer

  • Does your integration work in:
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Mobile Safari
  • Mobile Chrome
  • What is the setup process when a teacher decides to sign up for your app?
  • Do you require roster information?
  • Do you have any specific rostering requirements (e.g. syncing only Math sections, etc.)? If so, will you build a UI that allows teachers to only see relevant sections/classes?
  • Will you update the data upon each login or will users have an option to sync new data within your application?
  • Do you support co-teachers? How will you handle this if so?
  • Do you require any other fields than the ones provided (e.g. school, district info)? If so, do you prompt the user for these during onboarding?
  • Is there an amount of inactivity after which you log someone out?
  • What screen are users directed to when they're logged out? Does the window close?

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Library Certification Requirements

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