Clever Developer Docs

Goals Certification

In order to become certified for Clever Goals, you must also be certified for Instant Login and/or Secure Sync.


  • Must sync at least once per day
  • Must use student Clever ID as the key identifier for students
  • Must send at least one key metric (minutes or progress)
  • Data must be cumulative

Important Questions to Answer

  • Which key metric(s) do you consider a core indicator of student progress?
  • What's the process for setting up a deep link into your reporting system?
  • Are there any cases where cumulative student progress might be expected to decrease?

Submit your application for Certification

  1. Submit Goals data for at least 2 students in a sandbox district to Clever.
  2. Email with the list of students by ID who were updated and the sandbox district ID, as well as the answers to the questions above.
  3. Our team will follow up with next steps!

Goals Certification